How We Started


TEAMSSS Medical Services Ltd was originally setup by Simon Tunnicliffe after qualifying as an Advanced Paramedic for various leading NHS Ambulance Services.

As an Advanced Paramedic Simon began to see the demand for their skills and the skills of other allied healthcare professionals in varying different settings within the private and NHS sectors.

After lengthy discussions with organisations and between themselves, TEAMSS started creating their own teams of ambulance staff, nurses, doctors and specialist clinicians to provide event cover, training, frontline emergency ambulance crews and rapid response vehicle services based on the principal's of being a staffing agency.

Since TEAMSS was created and with continued use of our staff and services, TEAMSS are now going through the strict registration process with the CQC and have started to purchase high specification equipment and vehicles with the view to offering first class independent ambulance and medical services to the public for high profile events as well as NHS ambulance services around the UK.

Meet the team

Simon Tunnicliffe

Simon is one of the managing directors and an advanced lead paramedic here at TEAMSS Medical Services Ltd.

Simon came from a very different background in the corperate finance world before deciding to become a paramedic, since then he has worked for the NHS until founding TEAMSS in 2014.

Dean Hannaby


Dean is the Operations DIrector here at TEAMSS Medical Services Ltd and an Ambulance Technician with extended skills.

Dean has had many years of management and clinical experience within the private sector and the NHS but also in various other industries which has given him some useful skills along the way.

Lucy Tunnicliffe

Lucy is a member of the TEAMSS Medical Services Ltd Administration team, as well as a mother of 3 and wife of Simon.


Lucy's background in Midwifery and first aid also enables her to assist us in more specialised areas as well as with our event work around the country.

TEAMSS Medical Services LTD, Company number 09431540,

Registered address: The Coach House, 5 St Marks Drive,

Torquay, TQ1 2EJ.

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